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Ear Care Instructions

1. Cleanse the earlobes or cartilage front and back once or twice a day with STUDEX Ear Care Solution or MRx Antiseptic. DO NOT REMOVE STUDS!

2. At least twice a day apply STUDEX Solution or MRx to the pierced hole and slide the studs back and forth in the ear to work the solution into the hole. Turn the studs (like winding the watch) several times a day.

3. When shampooing be sure that soap is completely rinsed from the ears. Cover ears when using spray cologne, hair spray or hair dye. Keep hair away from ears whenever possible during healing period.

4. Leave training studs in for four to six weeks. For the first six months, go no longer than 12 hours without wearing earrings, otherwise the hole could begin to close. This will assure that the newly pierced hole will be formed properly. If after the four week healing time the ears feel sore when changing the earrings, go back to training studs and continue these instructions for an additional one to two weeks.

5. After the four to six week training period, other post earrings may be worn. These should be made of gold, surgical stainless steel or sterling silver. No heavy earrings should be worn for at least four months after the training period.

6. Pain, redness or swelling is not a normal result of the ear piercing. This condition could indicate an allergic reaction to jewelry, an infection, or that your body cannot tolerate a foreign object in the skin. Should this condition occur, remove earrings immediately and see your physician at once.

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